About Lauriston Limited

Lauriston Limited is an accountancy and financial services company founded by

Roy Berry over 25 years ago.


A member of the Institute of Certified Practising Accountants with over 50 years' experience in commercial and professional offices, Roy started his own practice in 1991. Since that time, his practice has expanded but he has always strived to maintain a welcoming attitude towards his clients.


The firm deals with a large number of businesses, all based in or around the South East. Our customers range in size from “one-man bands” such as taxi drivers and people within the construction industry, partnerships and companies some of which have multi-million pound turn-overs. We service many limited companies registered at our address and over 100 clients, for whom we submit varies online returns to the Inland Revenue.


We run weekly and monthly payrolls for over 25 businesses and can provide a whole range of accountancy services. We work hand in glove as to the client's requirements and can provide a very hands-on approach or just annual compilation of accounts and tax-returns and we also have experience in personal and company debt management.


This is the Lauriston Limited meeting room inside Lauiston House.